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单板层积材,简称“LVL”,是一种高性能人造板材,在北美市场有60%的LVL被用作建筑物的工字型楼板托梁,28%被用作桁架、梁柱和承重墙等。“这是一种可替代钢筋混凝土的人造板材,具有比普通钢材更高的强重比,弹性、弯曲强度等力学指标是实木的三倍以上,对于大跨度、高抗震等级的建筑物尤为适合。”这一产品可广泛应用于木制公共建筑、别墅、景观等。 据了解,我国对LVL的研究利用也逐渐打开国外市场。宁津县烨鲁木业拥有独立的出口权。以出口包装级LVL免熏蒸木方,建筑级松木脚踏板为主的LVL系列层积材。

Single plate laminated wood, referred to as "LVL", is a high-performance artificial board. In the North American market, 60% of the LVL is used as a building's I-shaped slab bracket, and 28% is used as a truss, Liang Zhu and a load-bearing wall. "This is a kind of artificial plate that can replace the reinforced concrete. It has a higher strength ratio than the ordinary steel, and the elasticity and flexural strength are more than three times that of the solid wood. It is particularly suitable for large span and high seismic grade buildings." This product can be widely used in wooden public buildings, villas, landscapes and so on. It is understood that China's research and utilization of LVL has gradually opened up foreign markets. Yuru wood industry in Ningjin county has independent export rights. The export grade LVL is non fumigated wood, and LVL series laminated timber is mainly made of building pine pines.