• 体育场馆地板铺装耐磨松木龙骨 Gymnasium floor paving wear resistant pine keel
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Gymnasium floor paving wear resistant pine keel 

Single keel and double keel which kind of more practical professional sports floor should have the following three characteristics: sports function, protection function, technical function. In the process of small movement of sports wood flooring, everyone knows that the requirements on the ground are on the high side. Friction, aseismic force and so on must meet certain requirements before they can be used as sports floors. Once the ground friction does not reach a certain standard, the athletes in the steps of the movement, it is easy to fall because the ground is too slippery. And the special construction of sports wood flooring, on one hand, greatly increased the general friction, on the other hand, this certain ring ratio reduces the impact and characteristics. This means that if an athlete falls to the ground, the floor will be much smaller than the rest of the ordinary floor.